Mental Health Coaching

What is Polyvagal Theory and how do Health and Wellness Coaches use it? 

Polyvagal Theory Polyvagal theory (PVT) is a scientific framework for understanding the human nervous system so that people can optimize physical and mental health. PVT is centered around the role of the vagus, a cranial nerve that forms the primary component of the parasympathetic nervous system. Historically, the autonomic nervous

What are SMART goals and why do Health Coaches use them?

Coaches are here to help you envision your best self, and make that vision a reality. Goal setting is a major part of undergoing this positive change. SMART is an acronym that sets a criteria for making an ideal goal that has a higher probability of success.  This is an

The Difference Between Mental Health and Wellness Coaching and Therapy

How is health and wellness coaching different from therapy? Licensed therapists and mental health counselors have a lot in common with coaches who are board certified. They both help people improve their mental health. They both aim to help people overcome barriers to positive change. They both act as partners

Health And Wellness Coaching

What is health and wellness coaching? Health and Wellness Coaching (HWC) uses principles of behavior change to help you envision your best and healthiest self and to make empowered choices to turn that vision into reality. Maybe you want to improve your relationships, or lose weight, but every time you