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Meet the experts

Our mental health advisors

Thomas Ellis, PsyD

Dr. Thomas Ellis is a licensed clinical psychologist and sexual health specialist. He is the embedded psychologist for Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business and has a private practice in San Francisco. Dr. Ellis lectures on the effects of smartphones & social media on mental health & relationships.

Sarah Greenberg, MFT

Sarah is a licensed psychotherapist and board-certified coach with 15+ years’ experience. Her integrative approach uses mindfulness, evidence-based practices, prevention, & clinical guidance to support holistic mental health & wellness. Sarah also works with wellbeing start-ups to develop scalable programs & content that boosts access.

Helen Hsu​, PsyD

Helen H. Hsu is a Lead Outreach Clinician and lecturer at Stanford University. She’s a bi-cultural bi-lingual clinical psychologist who consults nationwide on topics addressing youth & adult mental health, grief support, & culturally responsive interventions for BIPOC communities.

Editorial team

Our writers

Kimberly Scott

Kimberly Scott, BRN, RN, is a board-certified travel nurse and writer. She works in a range of settings including drug and alcohol detox, corrections, & forensic psychology. She's passionate about spreading awareness & understanding of mental health conditions through writing.

Ella Marcantonio

Ella is a writer, content strategist, & SEO who’s passionate about destigmatizing mental health. After living at a Buddhist monastery, she’s also committed to sharing accessible mindfulness & meditation practices. As the creator of Healthaid, she believes in access & empowerment but also knows you already have everything you need inside yourself.

Editorial team

Our editorial team is made up of hardworking writers, strategists, editors, & mental health advocates. Since all of us are on this health & wellness journey together, we’re committed to bringing you the most current, helpful, & empowering info.

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