man smiling outdoors after learning how to stop rumination

What does rumination mean? Plus 7 ways to stop it

Everyone dwells on issues sometimes, but ongoing rumination can worsen symptoms of anxiety, depression, and physical pain. We all ruminate or dwell on issues from time to time. Sometimes considering, and reconsidering can be a helpful strategy. But you may find yourself stuck in a loop where it’s hard to

young woman tattoos practicing with negative self talk and inner critic

Negative self-talk: how to quiet your inner critic

By changing the way you talk to yourself, you can shift your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Many of us have that nasty neighbor in our minds–the one that speaks to us in a way we wouldn’t tolerate from anyone else. And what makes this voice so challenging is that we

calm trans woman using mindful breathing for anxiety and stress

Mindful breathing: what it is & how to use it for anxiety

You can influence your experience and emotional state by using these simple mindful breathing practices. When it comes to managing stress and difficult emotions, the breath can be a life-changing solution. It’s freely available and you can use it anytime, anywhere. Here are 5 mindful breathing techniques designed to be

older couple in bed smiling embrace after learning about erectile dysfunction ed and age

What does erectile dysfunction have to do with age?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) doesn’t need to get in the way of erotic satisfaction as you age. You might fear erectile dysfunction (ED) is an inevitable part of the aging process. But ED isn’t a normal part of aging. And while age contributes to ED, it doesn’t mean the end of

smiling man with hand on chest after learning how to stop a panic attack

11 ways to stop a panic attack (that work anywhere)

Discovering how to stop panic attacks can help you build a sense of safety even in the midst of panic. If you’ve experienced a panic attack before, you may be worried you’ll have more in the future. But learning how to stop a panic attack can help build resilience. It

pregnant woman in bed resting in bed after treating pregnancy insomnia

Pregnancy insomnia: why you can’t sleep & what to do about it

Learn why you’re experiencing insomnia during pregnancy and what you can do to get enough restful sleep. You’re literally growing another human inside your body. You deserve the physical and mental health benefits of plentiful rest more than ever. So what’s this pregnancy insomnia about? Why isn’t your body cooperating? Sleeplessness in

woman in park smiling after treatment for generalized anxiety disorder symptoms

Generalized anxiety disorder: symptoms, causes, & treatments

Anxiety is a normal part of being alive, but if you have generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), the everyday stress of life can feel like too much. Life is full of stressors—from personal disappointments to global conflicts. It’s normal to feel anxious from time to time, especially when we’re reminded of

older woman on hike wondering how marijuana impacts anxiety

Marijuana & anxiety: how weed impacts mental health

If you’re interested in using marijuana for anxiety, it’s important to understand both the benefits and the potential risks. Cannabis is the most widely used illicit substance globally, and anxiety is the most prevalent mental health condition. But does weed help with anxiety? We’ll help you understand what the research says to

woman in park using social media on phone impacting her mental health

Social media, mental health, & the need to connect

As more and more communications take place on social media, people wonder about its impact on mental health and emotional wellbeing. Let’s look at some questions many of us have grappled with throughout the pandemic: What kinds of connection do humans need for positive mental health? And what impact does social