group of people on smartphones to show pros and cons of social media on mental healtg

The pros and cons of social media on mental health

There are both pros and cons of social media, meaning it can have both a positive and negative impact on your mental health. Since they became available in the 1990s, smartphones have dramatically changed the world. While these devices are multipurpose in design, research shows that most Americans have some

therapist and patient using cognitive behavioral therapy cbt for depression

Using cognitive behavioral therapy to treat depression

You can use cognitive behavioral therapy for depression to shift the way you think, feel, and act, which can help with mental health issues like depression. Navigating the different options for therapy to treat depression can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re going to focus on one of the most effective

happy dad reunited with daughters who have separation anxiety disorder (1)

Separation anxiety disorder: symptoms, causes, and treatments

If you have separation anxiety, even the thought of being apart from loved ones can cause extreme distress. People with this disorder experience extreme anxiety at the idea of being separated from caregivers or loved ones. Someone with separation anxiety disorder may feel panic at the idea of leaving home to attend

couple together in field coping with anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression: 7 proven tips to treat both

Many people try to address anxiety or depression separately, but the two conditions often co-occur. The reality is that these disorders tend to hang together, and it’s more common than you think to experience both depression and anxiety at the same time. If you’re experiencing both conditions at once, we’ll

open laptop user wondering if watching porn is bad

Is pornography bad for you? Plus, the questions to ask instead

Wondering if watching pornography is “bad”? It might be time to change the question. Is pornography bad? It’s a question sex therapists are often asked, but it isn’t the question you should be asking. Why? Because it bypasses the issue that really needs your attention and curiosity. What we look at in

group of young people recovering from social anxiety disorder having picnic on grass

Social anxiety disorder: symptoms, causes, & treatments

For people with social anxiety disorder, social situations can produce significant anxiety. Social anxiety disorder isn’t the same as shyness or self-consciousness. Shyness describes a common personality trait involving mild introversion, and self-consciousness may create some nervousness or anxious thinking. But social anxiety disorder is different. If you have this

young redhead woman sleeping after recovering from anxiety night sweating

Why anxiety causes night sweats & 9 tips for relief

Anxiety and stress can cause night sweats, but you can get relief by following some simple suggestions.  Night sweats have many possible causes, one of which is anxiety. Since sweating at night can disrupt your sleep and cause insomnia, you might find yourself in a feedback loop. Anxiety can cause you

young non-binary woman at work managing anxiety triggers

Anxiety triggers: getting to know and manage yours

Learning what triggers your anxiety can help you manage symptoms and reduce their impact on your life. Anxiety, your body’s response to stress, is a natural and adaptive part of human biology. But for people with anxiety disorders, the experience has stopped helping and started hurting. One way to navigate

man with beard and eyes closed experiencing anxiety signs and symptoms

What are the signs and symptoms of anxiety?

Discovering the common signs and symptoms of anxiety can help you find the care and treatment you need. All people experience anxiety. It’s completely normal to feel anxious sometimes in response to events and circumstances in life, like a big job interview, an exam, or a first date. But sometimes,