Understanding your cholesterol test results

Medical Review by Jennie Stanford, MD, FAAFP, DipABOM Summary: Testing your cholesterol levels can help you stay healthy Understanding your cholesterol levels allows you to take proactive steps in managing your diet, lifestyle, and medications to improve your cardiovascular health. Regular cholesterol testing can help identify your risk of heart disease and … [Read more...]

6 cholesterol myths debunked

Medical Review by Heidi Moawad MD Summary: Be in the know when it comes to your cholesterol There are many common misconceptions that may skew the perception of cholesterol when it comes to your personal health and diet. Cholesterol, and their levels and amounts, affect each individual differently and therefore it is important to have a clear history of your own … [Read more...]

Natural ways to treat high cholesterol

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How bad for you is high cholesterol?

Medical Review by Heidi Moawad MD Summary: Cholesterol has its uses—but too much of the wrong kind is a problem Lots of people worry about cholesterol, but not everyone understands what it is or how it works. Cholesterol actually plays a vital role in the body—but there are several different kinds of cholesterol, and having too much of the wrong type can lead to … [Read more...]

The most effective treatments for high cholesterol

Medical Review by Heidi Moawad, MD Summary: Worried about your high cholesterol? Here's what you need to know about your treatment options.  There are various medical treatments available to help combat your high cholesterol levels. We’ll discuss medication options and how simple lifestyle changes can complement medical interventions, empowering you to make … [Read more...]