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woman with hand on neck to represent feelings of extreme anxiety

Extreme anxiety: why it’s different & how to work with it

For people who live with extreme anxiety, the experience can be so intense that everyday
young man practicing distress tolerance meditation skills in field

4 distress tolerance skills to try in hard times

It’s hard to stay grounded when you’re feeling emotionally triggered, but distress tolerance skills can
young woman with alcohol anxiety looking out window with tea cup

Alcohol & anxiety: why drinking & mental health don’t mix

Many people drink to relax and de-stress, but using alcohol this way can have a
woman with hangover anxiety holding cup after drinking alcohol

Anxiety after drinking: why you get it & how to cure it fast

Alcohol can cause your anxiety levels to increase. In fact, hangxiety can start just a
older man in bed sleeping after taking melatonin for anxiety

How melatonin may help anxiety (and when to avoid it)

Many people use a melatonin supplement for sleep, but more research is needed to determine
Young woman with hands on stomach experiencing anxiety and nausea

Anxiety and nausea: 5 tips to treat both

For better or worse, anxiety is part of the human experience. It’s something all people experience from
man with hands on chest telling difference between anxiety and panic attacks

Anxiety vs. panic attack: how to tell them apart

People often use the words “anxiety” and “panic” interchangeably, but there’s a difference between these
woman pushing boulder representing catastrophic anxious thinking

Catastrophizing: 6 ways to recognize and prevent It

Catastrophizing is the tendency to imagine the worst possible outcome. Over time, it can lead
young woman meditating as relaxing exercise for anxiety

5 relaxing exercises for anxiety to try right now

Anxiety can feel overwhelming and out-of-control. But there are scientifically proven behavioral strategies that can
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