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older couple in bed smiling embrace after learning about erectile dysfunction ed and age

What does erectile dysfunction have to do with age?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) doesn’t need to get in the way of erotic satisfaction as you

11 ways to stop a panic attack (that work anywhere)

Discovering how to stop panic attacks can help you build a sense of safety even
couple embracing smiling on porch after dealing with erectile dysfunction in their relationship

Dealing with erectile dysfunction in a relationship

Erectile dysfunction can be hard on your intimate relationship(s), but there are ways to foster
pregnant woman in bed resting in bed after treating pregnancy insomnia

Pregnancy insomnia: why you can’t sleep & what to do about it

Learn why you’re experiencing insomnia during pregnancy and what you can do to get enough
woman in park smiling after treatment for generalized anxiety disorder symptoms

Generalized anxiety disorder: symptoms, causes, & treatments

Anxiety is a normal part of being alive, but if you have generalized anxiety disorder
older woman on hike wondering how marijuana impacts anxiety

Marijuana & anxiety: how weed impacts mental health

If you’re interested in using marijuana for anxiety, it’s important to understand both the benefits
woman in park using social media on phone impacting her mental health

Social media, mental health, & the need to connect

As more and more communications take place on social media, people wonder about its impact
older woman wondering about if depression can cause memory loss

Can depression cause memory loss? What you need to know

Memory loss and memory impairment can happen for many reasons, including depression. Memory impairment can
diverse group outside exercising to lower blood pressure naturally

8 natural ways to lower blood pressure (without meds)

Regular exercise is one natural way to lower blood pressure, whether you’re taking blood pressure
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