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woman sitting on park bench experiencing anger and depression

Anger and depression: the surprising connection

Anger and depression: the surprising connection Table of Contents The symptoms of depression can include
happy dad reunited with daughters who have separation anxiety disorder (1)

Separation anxiety disorder: symptoms, causes, and treatments

If you have separation anxiety, even the thought of being apart from loved ones can
young woman taking anti depression meds in medicine cabinet

Anti-depression meds: finding one that works for you

If you’re experiencing depression, antidepressant medications may help you find relief from your symptoms. If
young woman with physical symptoms of depression touching neck

Physical symptoms of depression: 13 signs you may have it

Physical symptoms of depression: 13 signs you may have it Table of Contents Mental health
young woman taking selfie for social media potentially leading to depression

Social media and depression: what the science says

There may be a connection between social media and depression, as well as other mental
young man assisting another man up representing helping someone with depression

How to help someone with depression: 9 tips

It can be challenging to know how to help someone with depression, especially when it’s
young asian woman with major depressive disorder watching sunrise

What is major depressive disorder? Plus symptoms & treatment

Though major depressive disorder can have a significant impact on your life, it usually responds
young woman with short hair learning to live with bipolar disorder symptoms

What is bipolar depression? Signs, symptoms, & treatments

Even if you experience significant symptoms from bipolar disorder, the right treatment can be very
couple together in field coping with anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression: 7 proven tips to treat both

Many people try to address anxiety or depression separately, but the two conditions often co-occur.
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