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A happy couple laughs while making a smoothie in their kitchen, surrounded by fresh fruits and vegetables.

Natural treatments for erectile dysfunction to try before taking medication

Medical review by: Jennie Stanford, MD, FAAFP, DipABOM Summary: Navigating natural treatments for erectile dysfunction Experiencing
The young adult woman sits on a sofa at the coffee shop

Is it Safe to Smoke While Taking Birth Control Pills? 

Medical review by: Andrea Eisenberg, MD Summary: What are the Risks of Smoking & Vaping?
Young woman in a bathroom washing her face

The best types of birth control for controlling acne

Medical review by Andrea Eisenberg, MD Summary: Using Birth Control for Controlling Acne Dealing with
Husband and wife sit on the couch and read an article on the phone.

Is it safe to use Viagra® & Cialis® at the same time?

Medical Review by Jennie Stanford, MD, FAAFP, DipABOM Summary: Using Viagra® & Cialis® at the
Man and woman snuggling in our outdoor hammock in sunlight

Does Cialis® or Viagra® expire?

Medical Review by: Jennie Stanford, MD, FAAFP, DipABOM Summary: Cialis® and Viagra® are two of the
young woman with physical symptoms of depression touching neck

Physical symptoms of depression: 13 signs you may have it

Most people know how emotionally taxing mental health issues can be. But what many people don’t know
Young woman holding birth control pills looking down

Ortho Tri-Cyclen® Lo: uses, benefits, side effects, and more

Medical Review by Andrea Eisenberg, MD Summary Ortho Tri-Cyclen® Lo: what is it? Ortho Tri-Cyclen®
Healthy young woman drink water after taking a birth control pill while looking out the window and smiling.

Yasmin® guide: uses, benefits, side effects, and more

Medical Review by Andrea Eisenberg, MD Summary Yasmin®: what is it? Yasmin® is a widely
Image of a your woman holding a beer and smiling.

Is it safe to drink alcohol while on birth control?

Medical Review by Andrea Eisenberg MD Summary Alcohol and contraceptives: what you should know Are
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